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Rouge and Knuckles Club
United States
Favourite cartoon character: Rouge, Knuckles
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Welcome to the first DeviantART club dedicated to the pairing of Knuckles and Rouge! This club was created on Jan 19, 2004 and currently has 172 members or more, I lost count awhile ago! If you're a fan of this pairing, please consider joining.

This club was made to revolve around Rouge and Knuckles in the Sonic Team games (as that's where it's been hinted at most), however, we'll accept fans who support this pairing in any universe. (:



08/09/08 - Hey guys~ I've been puzzling over the faving problem. That is, people fav the picture posted at the club, instead of the artist's work...looking over clubs, though, I've seen various trends for trying to help with this. I think I'm going to jump one of them, but that's going to mean reuploading everything.

So to those of you who watch the club, if your inbox gets spammed, I'm really sorry. ; ; But either way, the update should be soon!

05/12/08 - Alright, so I'm kind of getting tired of people on the front page making me facepalm. That being said, if you can't get your head out of your ass long enough to read, the rules and realize we do not condone character/pairing bashing here and respect that, I'm just going to start hiding your comments as soon as I respond to them.

Disliking a character or pairing is one thing, and I'm fine with it, but there is a time and a place to express that and this is not it. I try to be nice about it because I know some people make honest mistakes, but it's starting to wear on my nerves.

03/19/08 - Not much to report today, but I would like to point out that...Yes, I did kind of drop the ball on updating the member count. I'll be alphabetizing the memberlist when I'm a bit less busy, so I'll update it then.

Also, I've been considering creating a small website for the club. What do you guys think of the idea?

03/08/08 - I've been updating without saying anything, given, but there hasn't been anything to report. Finally have something now, I've added a new section to this club, about flaming/bashing, so go check that out~

Otherwise, I'll update with everything else (memberlist, art submissions, etc..maybe even a poll) tomorrow.

01/31/08 - Oh dear. How dare I show my face around these parts again, right? I keep slipping in and out of activity...I'm going to try and amend that once again, though. I may update once every day, I may update once a week - I can't say exactly how my schedule's going to work, but I'm aiming for at least once a week.

Some of the procedures are going through a transitional phase to make my life easier, so please take this into consideration. Specifically, instead of asking for a note to be sent, I'm opting to keep track of three journal entries for username changes, quitting, and joining. I'll still accept notes, but I'm trying to make everyone's life easier.

Also, I cant' remember if I've said this before, but I've decided to claim full ownership over this club, seeing as I'm the only one who's been maintaining it since shortly after it was created.

Also, sorry...but I'll be doing the member list update later. Right now I'd like to restructure the club to make it a bit more...Ah, stable. Never mind. All done. I decided to suck it up and speed through it.



Owner: :iconzombieteddybear: Shad

Founder: :iconsakuramizu: Jen/Emi


Listed at:

:iconpro-sonic-mina-fans::icongot-mongoose-love::iconsonamy-fans::iconmetallixfan::iconsoniccouplessupporte::iconsegasonicgirlsclub::iconsonadowlovers::iconmightyfans::iconmaria-fans::icondilandau-chan-fans::iconvecilla-fans::iconclub-diamond::icondreamkingdom-club::iconsonicxblaze-fanclub::iconsonicxelise-club::iconbound-for-freedom::iconshadamyfans::iconsilverxamy::iconchao-fan-club::iconbunnieandrouge::iconsally-acorn-fans::iconbigemii::iconblaze-fan-club::iconeggman-fans::icons-h-c::iconshadowxamy-love::iconshadowth-fans::iconknouge-club: :iconknuckles-x-silver:

As of November 27th, 2006 I'll be taking clubs that have been inactive for at least 8 weeks off the list. ;; If the said clubs ever return and want to affiliate again, feel free to send another note asking to be put back on the list!

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knuxougefan Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love Knuxouge so much I'd explode the country to save the couple! <not really,="" but="" you="" know="" what="" i="" mean="">!</not>
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DejaBlue95 Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2011
Oh man...can I join you knouge(knuxouge) club...Im all for Knuckles and Rouge
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:XD: When you guys come back. ;P
You should make this club as a group.
Groups are neat and fun. :giggle:
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can i join?
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May I join your club!! Is it still available?
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